Sprucing up for Spring!


     Chances are you've been hoarding things during the winter season and have yet to go through everything. The closet is full of fuzzy sweaters & things you swore you would wear but haven't even wore them once. Your cupboards are stuffed with plastic containers and lids. Most aren't even matching and you wonder how you ended up with all those lids and just a few containers? I don't know about you, I'm always left scratching my head on how that happens! 

Lets be honest! It's time to set a plan, sort through your things and donate or toss what you don't need. Don't make this stressful though! Go through one room at a time. Create a pile of "keep, donate, or toss". That will help keep you mentally sane through this whole process.



     The snow is finally melting and everything that has been hidden by the white stuff is currently stuck in your gutters. Dried leaves, dirt, twigs, the ball from your next door neighbors kid or dog. So get a friend to hold that ladder, get down to business & check those gutters! 

Sometimes the snow and ice can cause the gutters to sag and loosen up. Tighten those screws, add a couple new ones and make sure they stand a chance against our Wyoming winds!



     When was the last time you checked the electrical outlets, cords and sockets throughout your mobile home? Honestly? I don't remember the last time I did that! To avoid a potential fire hazard and stress, spend an hour or two going through the sockets in your home. If you are unsure, You Tube is a great source for step by step instruction on how. Or if you just don't feel comfortable enough, hire an electrician to check each outlet. 



     Spring is a great season to check your home's roof. Wyoming's rough winters can really damage a roof by causing problems like warping, bumps and leaks.

If you have a small problem like a leak, you may only need to patch your roof. Some supplies that would be useful for patching would be roof coating, Peel & Seal, ruble buttons and butyl tape. 

Larger problems like being unstable or warped you may want to contact a contractor that specialize in mobile home roofing repairs. 



     The best time to clean your air conditioning and heating system is in between the winter and summer season. So this is good for spring & fall! During the months that you don't have to use either your cooling or heating system. To clean your system you will want to access your the coils spray them with a coil de-greaser and cleaner. Make sure to vacuum the foam afterward and rinse well with clean water. 



     And remember! Rather than exhaustively trying to accomplish all your spring cleaning in one weekend, try breaking it into several. Spend the cooler spring days inside your home, organizing your closet and checking your electrical circuits. Save the warmer sunny days for examining the outside of your home and checking your gutters and roof to ensure your home is spring ready. After you're finished, kick back in your favorite lawn chair and relax! 

Or if you're like me, take that lawn chair and go find your favorite fishing spot and cast that line! You deserve the break!


(Resourced mobile-home-supplies)