Remodeling With a Budget!



When planning to remodel your home within a reasonable price, it is important to choose a budget that is affordable to you.  Working from the outside in can be a great way to remodel your home on a budget. 

Outside of your home

1. Siding                             Image result for manufactured home siding

Giving the outside of your home any sort of update can really make a difference and give a good first impression of your home.  The first cheap and easy way that can make your home look great is to give the siding a pressure wash.  This will give your home a fresh and clean look and help make an easier assessment on what improvements you would like to make to the exterior.

Replacing the siding of your home can make a major difference and improve the overall appearance of your home. So, if this is in your budget you won't be disappointed.

While replacing the siding on your home can be on the more expensive side of a renovation there are many other ways that can improve your outside look. Small things such as a fresh coat of paint on your steps or shutters can give your home a nice clean look at an affordable price.

2. Skirting                       Image result for manufactured home skirting

While often looked over, nice looking skirting can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home.  Repairing and replacing damaged skirting can be the small details that make a big difference in remodeling your home. 

 For tips and tricks on how to repair or replace your skirting please come see us in our office!

3. Lawn Care                    Image result for manufactured home lawn

While there are many ways to change the exterior of your home to be more appealing, one of the easiest and cheapest ways to keep your home looking good is to have a well-kept lawn.  By keeping your grass cut and watered and by keeping your weeds pulled it can give your home a clean, crisp appearance.

Inside your home

4. Flooring                                     Image result for manufactured home carpet before and after flooring

If you have an older home chances are you are faced with having older, stained, ugly carpet.  One way to make your home look and feel clean is to replace your old carpet with wood flooring.  While wood flooring can be expensive there are many ways to do it that are less expensive and still look amazing.  There are several different DIY videos available online to help make your flooring more affordable.

5. Kitchen Cabinets                            Image result for manufactured home before and after flooring

 While your kitchen is often the place people gather most frequently it can make an amazing difference by updating your cabinets. Replacing or painting your kitchen cabinets can help bring in new color and change that can really make a difference in your kitchen.

6. Walls                                    

Throughout the years of owning a home the color of a wall can become outdated or may appear stained and gross from the years of wear and tear.  By giving your wall a fresh coat of paint, it can really brighten up a room and give the room a clean fresh feeling. By adding a back slash or contemporary wallpaper to an accent wall it can really give a room the pop it needs to feel like home.