Extend the life of your home for $100.00

Home maintenance for many is a troubling thought.  Not all of us are handy with power tools and building materials.  However, we all want to live in a comfortable space and maintain the resale value when it comes time to actually sell our home.  Luckily, there are several budget-friendly ways to extend the life of our mobile home without breaking the bank or going beyond your comfort level.  Here is a list of to-do's that don't require a huge expense.

1.  Replace your furnace and AC filter:

This is easy to forget, until one day your furnace isn't blowing warm air, right?  It's recommended that you change your filters annually.  When dirty filters stay in your furnace or AC, the unit is unable to operate as efficiently as it could.  All the grubby mess that the filter is meant to catch can start to flow into the system.  This will reduce efficiency and shorten the life of your AC or furnace.  COST: If your paying more than $5.00 for furnace or AC filters your paying to much.   

2.  Seal gaps with Caulk:

Replacing your windows can be a daunting and expensive task.  The low cost answer for an sir tight solution is an inexpensive little tube of caulk.  Use a caulking gun, to lay a small bead and lay a straight and steady line of caulk to the outside cracks and edges of your windows. to ensure a good covered seal.  COST:  One time purchase of a caulk gun for no more than $20.00 and a tube of caulk for $6.00

3.   Take care of your Appliances:

Do you recall what it was like to wash clothes by hand?  Neither do I, our appliances work really hard for us they could use a little help to make it easier on them.  The gears and belts on your washer and dryer are hard at work whenever they run, so don't overload the machine.  Likewise, don't put a too small a load , which can create an imbalance, putting a strain on the machine as well.  Take time to wash the rubber seals on your dishwasher and refrigerator with soapy water.  When you clean the dust and grime, it tightens the seal and helps maintain the temperature and moisture better.  COST:  Nearly Zero!!

4.   Clean your gutters.

Repairing the roof of a mobile home can be as costly and time consuming of an endeavor as you will find. So, make sure water and debris can come off your roof and far away from your home.  This is extremely beneficial to you if you want to extend the life of your home.  You may need to buy a ladder and a hose.  COST:  $85.00 for a ladder and a hose 

5.   Rake away leaves and debris from perimeter from your home:

Moisture and water can wear out a home faster than nearly anything.  And one of the best ways to keep moisture out of and away from the home is to simply rake tree leaves, high grass, weeds, and pretty much anything else from the base perimeter from your home.  Keeping the exterior ground clear will cut down on routes into your home, not only for moisture, but for pests too.  COST:  You can pick up a fairly good rake for $10.00